Carpenter Realtors

Case Study

Attracting more qualified buyers and capitalize on the growing demand for 3D virtual tours

The Challenge

Improve agent efficiency and leverage new marketing technology

Carpenter Realtors is a market dominant, residential brokerage that distinguishes themselves throughout the midwest with their comprehensive Home Marketing System. After seeing Matterport’s immersive 3D real estate tours, David Caveness, President and CEO, recognized a huge opportunity to help his agents win more listings, but was unsure if agent adoption would be high in their mid-range market.

– Unsure of agent or client demand for 3D tours

– Need to justify cost of camera

– Average cost of home lower than national average


Carpenter Realtors was recently named one of the top 100 Real Estate Firms in the USA by Real Estate News and featured in the Indianapolis Star for using Matterport to enhance their property listings. They are the top residential brokerage in their market.


listings captured in 3D in 4 months


of scans for listings under 3,000 sq ft


Streamline operation, hire independent contractors to stay cost-efficient

Carpenter Realtors drove agent adoption by internally marketing the service to their agents during a launch meeting at the beginning of the year. They developed a streamlined system for ordering and hired 4 different independent contractors to operate the camera across their regional network of listings to keep costs low.

Management set up a free Google Form to log scan requests and created a custom system to schedule scan requests in bulk to maximize efficiency.

The in-house marketing team then QA’s the 3D models and distributes marketing collateral and online links to the agent team.


120 Modules In 4 Months

40% for under 3,000 sq ft

28% In Time Increased On site

Smart Matterport helping us draw in interested and qualified buyers before they even visit the house. We’ve been able to increase the efficiency of our agents by not having as many live showings, and focus our time on more serious buyers.

David Caveness

President & CEO, Carpenter Realtors

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