Case Study

Architectural firm cuts AutoCAD as-built modeling time by 50%, is able to accommodate 15% more business.

The Challenge

Complete projects on time and under budget by improving drafting efficiency and reducing return site visits

Business Owner David Kuoppamaki produces as-built documentation for each of his multi-story projects, which can often be difficult and time consuming for complex residential homes. Hand-drawn, manual floor plans often miss details or leave out building anomalies.

This results in return site visits on up to 33% of all multi-story job sites, and often causes expensive change orders, representing a 10% time and effort loss per project.

Thorough, manual property photography is tedious to capture and organize, and is usually still incomplete.


KUOP Designs is a Father/Son design team with over 30+ years of building design and construction experience. Juha Kuoppamaki started Kuoppamaki Drafting and Design in 1990 and continued the company till 2013 when Juha’s son, David, took over the business. The name was changed in 2013 to KUOP Designs and Juha and David still work together on residential and commercial projects. KUOP Designs completes approximately 100 residential and commercial construction projects per year. Their residential design projects range from $7,000-$10,000.


Use Matterport to reduce manual measurements by 80%, and speed the as-built drawing process by 2X with automated floor plans and visual reference

The Matterport Pro 3D Camera is a fast reality capture tool which can capture spatial and photographic data of a property in minutes. It requires no training and is only 10% the cost of traditional LIDAR, without the time-consuming and complex workflows. Thus, Kuoppamaki has used Matterport to cost-efficiently generate dimensionally accurate floor plans for import into AutoCAD.

Because the Pro Camera captures 2D photography aligned with 3D measurements, Kuoppamaki only needs to augment the measurements when very precise dimensions are necessary, as with windows or electrical components.

The Matterport scans are automatically registered and processed in the Matterport Cloud, and the finished model is imported into AutoCAD as a scale to begin drawing. Because the Matterport floor plan is dimensionally accurate, it can also be used to identify walls containing plumbing or other features via thickness. By navigating the immersive 3D Showcase, it is also easy to clarify unusual or complicated features, which otherwise could not have been captured at all.

Cut Autocad time by 50%

18% Business Increased

28% In Time Increased On site

I won’t do a multi-story building without Matterport 3d pro Camera.

David Kuoppamaki

Owner, Kuop Designs

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